Year 3 & 4 performance

On the 31st January and 1st February, Year 3 and 4 did a production of Hoodwinked based on Robin Hood. We only had a few weeks to rehearse but we still made it amazing! We enjoyed doing the play and lots of parents came to watch. We had a lot of pressure on us but we still did the best we could. We were very thankful that everybody learnt their lines in time for the show. The parents loved the show and we had lots of fun. The lead roles were Maid Marian, the Sheriff and Robin Hood played by Alba, Poppy W and Freddie.  They were amazing actors. We want to thank Mr Parker and Toby who helped with the lights and microphones and music. We would also like to thank the teachers of Year 3 and 4 for planning it out for us and setting up the whole play.

–  Harriet, Iris, Nicole Lucas, Fin and Harry







Thank you to everyone that came along to support the children, I’m sure you will agree they did a fabulous job. Your generous donations raised a total of £714 which will be split between DEC Ukraine and Walser’s Tanzania Charity – Thank you!