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  • Year 3 Greek Day - Our Year 3 children enjoyed their day immersed in  ancient Greece as they learnt about the culture and history.
  • County Cross Country - Well done to all who represented Welwyn St Mary's at the county cross country competition on 5th February.
  • Year 3 & 4 Curling Competition - Our Year 3 curling team competed at Monks Walk School and did really well against some older children.
  • Admissions Consultation 2023/24 - Admissions Consultation for 2023/24  Every school which is its own admission authority must consult with stakeholders regarding its admissions policy.  Welwyn St Mary’s is proposing to make some alterations to its admission policy for 2023/24 (which will apply to children anticipating starting school in September 2023 and subsequently).  The changes are: Clarification of the school’s …
  • Running festival - Well done to both Year 5 classes for taking part in the running festival held at Monks Walk.
  • Year 4 archery competition - Welwyn St Mary's finished 3rd and 4th respectively in the archery competition.
  • Year 6 Art - The children are making their versions of Clarice Cliff plates.
  • “Masks for Malawi” fundraiser - End of term non-uniform day raises £400 for "Masks for Malawi".
  • Year 6 BMX workshop - Mike Mullen, former World Master Champion BMX rider, visits Welwyn St Mary's.
  • Life Cycles - Year 2 were fascinated to see baby chicks emerge from their shells.