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Class organisation

Foundation & Key Stage 1:

Reception Class MR –  Miss Mansfield,  Ms Mercurio
TAs – Miss Spence, Mrs Brunson, Mrs Hall, Miss Snowden
Class LR – Miss Lewis, Ms Mercurio
TAs – Mrs Baker, Mrs Brunson, Mrs Hall, Mrs Kinsella, Miss Snowden
Year 1 Class CD1 –  Mrs Crofts, Mrs Dunstan
TAs – Mrs Porter, Mrs Curtis
Class M1 – Miss Milnes
TA – Miss Blyth, Miss McGarvie
Year 2 Class AT2 – Ms Anstey, Mrs Tucker
TAs – Mrs Stripe, Mrs Primrose, Mrs Wylie
Class MN2 – Mrs Maouchi, Mrs Newstead,
TA – Mrs Read, Ms Lowne, Mrs Wylie


Key Stage 2:

Year 3 Class BC3 – Mrs Bould, Mrs Castiglione
TA –  Mrs Hall
Class S3 – Mrs Southall
TAs – Mrs Redgers, Mrs Howard, Ms Lowne
Year 4 Class O4 – Miss O’Keeffe
TA – Mrs Lansberry, Miss Bradshaw
Class A4 – Mr Ashman
TA – Mrs Rogers,  Miss Bradshaw
Year 5 Class MJ5 –  Ms McKenna, Mrs Jameson
TA – Mrs Moate
Class A5 – Mr Anstey
TA – Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Howard, Mrs Primrose, Mr O’Neill
Year 6 Class HT6 – Mrs Harrison, Mrs Thompson
TAs – Mrs Soppett-Moss
Class P6 – Mrs Phillips, Mrs Platt
TA – Miss Mills, Mrs Howard, Miss Bryant

Mrs Mather is also part of the Year 6 team enabling us to put the children into three groups for literacy and maths.