Green Group – Plastic Free Week

Green Group arranged a Plastic Free Week! The rules were that you had to come into school with a single-use plastic free lunchbox. Each plastic free lunchbox earned points and if the points of every student in the school was over 100 plastic free lunches, we would gain extra play. This is better for the environment and makes our great school greener. Plastic cannot decompose as easily as paper so this is a great strategy to lessen the plastic in our school. We gained 294 points in just a week which shows that nearly everyone is participated. We all enjoyed the extra play so why not do something better for the environment.

Here are some tips to be as plastic free as possible:

  • Use any spare lunchboxes with compartments, so you have extra storage and your food lasts for longer.
  • Try not to use clingfilm.
  • Buy giant packs of food and put them into smaller containers and please recycle the packaging that comes with food.
  • Heat-up leftovers and serve for the next day in a Thermos flask!