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Year 4

Welcome to year 4

On this page you can find photos of our classroom and of the events in which we take part.  You will also find links to our termly leaflets so you can see the sort of things we are learning. We hope that you enjoy following our progress this year!

The children will be taught English skills each day.  The children will explore narratives through story and diary writing and they will look at the structure of explanation texts.

Maths will be taught each day in the morning.  We will focus on place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication.

CD4 have been enjoying many different ways to learn their multiplication tables.   In class we have a Times Tables River where the children can race a friend to the other side – you can only step on the multiples of your chosen table. We also have a ‘jenga’ style tower of bricks – if you get the answer right you may keep your brick; if you don’t, you have to replace it. We also make use of large playing cards and magnetic boards. An annual favourite is ‘BAM’: keep all the lolly sticks for the questions you answer correctly; if you draw the ‘BAM’ stick then you have to replace all the sticks you’ve earnt so far!

In history we will be learning about the Romans.  We will be linking the spread of the Empire to the geography of Europe and looking at the Romans through a local study.

Termly leaflets