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Year 1

Welcome to year 1

On this page you can find photos of our classroom and of the events in which we take part.  You will also find links to our termly leaflets so you can see the sort of things we are learning.  We hope that you enjoy following our progress this year!

This term we have been busy with a variety of projects including drawing and painting their portraits, finding out about animals in science and how to use a map and compass in geography.  They have been keeping fit with exercise inside the classroom as well as using our excellent playground facilities outdoors.   In PE we have been developing our ball skills: being able to control it with our hands and feet.  We really enjoy using our new equipment at playtime too!

Our science work has been about the body and the senses.  We also thought about our senses when we visited our school Nature Reserve.  We are writing our own autumn poems based on what we saw, heard, smelt and felt in the Nature Reserve.

In maths we have been matching values and making them using a variety of equipment.  We have been partitioning numbers and making number sentences in different ways.  The children have enjoyed playing games to improve their maths skills and have been practising their reading daily.

In RE we have been looking at God’s wonderful creation.  We have thought about the foods we like and linking this to thankfulness at harvest time.  We have also been celebrating Black History month and have looked at the art of Lubaina Himid, making our own tribute to her art.  This is being displayed in Mill Green museum.

We have been planting spring bulbs and polyanthus in the year 1 garden, ready to brighten up our pathway into the classroom.