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School uniform

Our school uniform is simple and practical to keep the children looking smart and contribute to the feeling of belonging to the school.


Welwyn St Mary’s uniform can be ordered online from My Clothing, Tylers or from Smarty’s.

PE Hoodies and Key Stage 2 PE tops may be ordered from Tylers.

An optional fleece or jacket with school logo is also available for outdoor use.

Please label clearly all clothes, shoes and bags with your child’s name.

Order Welwyn St Mary’s School uniform online:

Coloured Key Stage 1 ‘house’ T-shirts, which are worn for PE, can be purchased from the school office priced at £3.00

School Uniform
Trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore Grey
Polo shirt, shirt, blouse (with or without logo) White
School sweatshirt, cardigan *(with or without logo) Maroon 
Plain sensible shoes (no trainers, sandals or boots) Black
Socks/tights (not trainer socks) Plain grey
School pink check cotton dress and plain white socks (maybe worn in summer term and up to October half term only)
*Preferably children should have one sweatshirt or cardigan with a logo
Additional items
Water bottle
Sun hat (in summer)
Reception and Year 1 – School book bag from uniform supplier
Year 2 – Year 6 – Small rucksack
Hair accessories- small plain clips, bands, ribbons in brown, black or maroon
Key stage 2 – Shin pads for hockey and football
Optional fleece or jacket with school logo for outdoor use
PE Kit
Plain PE shorts Black
Long plain tracksuit bottoms for colder weather Black
Trainers for outdoor games
PE hoodie with house coloured logo Available from uniform suppliers
Key Stage 1 and Reception only
Coloured ‘house’ T-shirt
Available from the school office
Key Stage 2 only
PE polo shirt with coloured house logo
Available from uniform suppliers
PE kit should be worn to school on PE days

House colours are:  blue-Normans, green-Romans, red-Vikings, yellow-Saxons


The only permitted jewellery that may be worn is:

  • One pair of stud earrings (no other piercings are permitted). Earrings must be taken out or taped for PE.
  • A sensible wristwatch (a smartwatch maybe worn if classroom mode is enabled at all times), whilst on the school site and school trips etc.

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school.


Long hair needs to be tied back for school, this is for safety and hygiene reasons and to ensure that children’s vision is not impeded. Hair should not be cut too short and should not have designs / tramlines shaven into it.

Hairstyles should be smart and moderate in style. Brightly coloured hair is not permitted.

Large, excessive hair accessories should not be worn; however, small hair clips or plain headbands or ribbons in brown, black or maroon are acceptable.

At the Headteacher’s discretion, there may be exceptions to the above in extreme circumstances e.g. a pupil may be permitted to cover their hair if they have hair loss / illness etc.


Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up or nail varnish. False nails are not permitted.


All clothing, shoes, water bottles and school bags should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Any lost clothing is to be taken to the lost property box. All lost property is retained for a term and is disposed of if it is not collected within this time.