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Collective Worship

We meet together at a daily Collective Worship. These are centred on the Christian faith but other world religious traditions are recognised and accepted. We expect the children to develop sensitivity and understanding when exploring not just their own beliefs but those of others.  Collective Worship is an opportunity to explore and share things we value and to honour excellence. We sing hymns together, listen to music and give the children time to reflect and pray. We encourage positive moral and social attitudes and enable the children to develop a sense of wonder and an appreciation of the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of life.

The importance we attach to worship as a church school is explained to parents at admission time and is recognised in our admissions policy. We hope that parents and children will understand that our school worship is an occasion when each individual’s integrity is respected. However, parents have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship and Religious Education if they wish.

Parents are encouraged to attend class assemblies in which their children are actively involved and their achievements shared and celebrated.