SIAMS Quotes

Extracts from out recent SIAMS inspection in March 2019. Please read the full report here:

SIAMS Report (240.15KB)

“Values are deeply embedded and integral to all aspects of the school’s work. They profoundly influence the lives of all within the school community”

“Adults and pupils work unstintingly for the wellbeing and flourishing of others.”

“Exceptional levels of team work result in skills and talents being harnessed so that all can experience success in personal and academic achievements.”

“Pupils’ outcomes are high, well above national averages. Pupils flourish in an environment where belief in oneself and others’ ability to succeed is encouraged and expected.”

“Pupils are exceptionally keen to learn. This leads to outstanding behaviour and above average attendance.”

“Pupils exude confidence in their learning. They are undaunted by asking questions around big issues.”

“A creative and challenging curriculum provides countless opportunities to learn through an enquiry based approach.”

“Pupils and adults flourish through exceptionally wise choices that leaders make.”

“Absolute commitment and belief by leaders that all can succeed and achieve enables pupils, including those with vulnerabilities and disadvantages, to flourish.”