Category: thoughts

6th May 2020

Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery.  All we have is Today, and it’s called the present because it’s a precious gift. Anonymous

5th May 2020

What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life. Emil Brumes

4th May 2020

Do not think of your problems as a full stop, but merely as a comma.  You can decide how the rest of the sentence will run. Richard Daly- Philippians 1:6

1st May 2020

Do not wait for the opportunities to do good, make the opportunities. Richard Daly

30th April 2020

When you’re alone, you can be certain of one thing: even though you may not feel his presence, God is with you- he will never fail in his promises. Richard Daly- Joshua 1:5,6

29th April 2020

Today well-lived makes every tomorrow a vision of hope. Anonymous

28th April 2020

A calm state of mind is naturally accompanied by hope and optimism.  Maintain the calm, maintain the hope. Richard Daly

27th April 2020

Be the change you want to see in the world.  There’s no better place to begin than with yourself. Gandhi

24th April 2020

When one door closes, God always opens another. Richard Daly

23rd April 2020

Life’s treasures are not far afield upon some distant shore. Jewels of peace and happiness are found right at your door. Unknown