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Tree Planting

In 2019 we began a project to plant a small wood at the back of the school playing field. Since then, we have planted approximately 500 trees and 700 hedge saplings, all native to English woods and hedges. We have also begun the erection of a dead head, made out of posts recycled from school …

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Year 6 Multisports

We had a brilliant time at the multisports and did some really fun activities.  The people who participated were Shay, Leo, Ethan S, Ethan R, Jenson, Ruben, Dylan, Memmy, Calum, Daniel H, Nicholas and Jonathan.  Our first activity was golf.  There was a target in the middle of the field and we had to hit …

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Year 3 Multisports

            All of year 3 went to an event on Wednesday 28th September 2022 on our school field. The Monk’s Walk Sports Leaders planned and led the activities. We did rugby, hurdles, golf, football, handball, capture the flag, baseball practise, hounds and foxes, stuck in the mud and throwing bean …

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“This Girl Can” Golf

Year 6 girls at Mill Green Golf Club.

Years 5 and 6 Cricket

Cricket coaching by Chance to Shine.