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Our Governors perform vital, legal functions and also do a lot more to help and support our school.

The governing body is made up of parents, staff and representatives of the church, diocese and Local Authority. They make decisions about how the school is run in consultation with the headteacher; they have legal duties, powers and responsibilities which include appointing staff and deciding how the school budget is spent.

Governors meet as a full group twice a term and the minutes of these meetings are displayed outside the school office. Parent governors can contribute the views and ideas of other parents to the governing body but they are not there to act as a channel for complaints or to address any issue affecting an individual child or parent. There are clear policies and procedures for such situations and parents are encouraged to select the more formal route or perhaps use the Parent Council for more general topics, as appropriate.

Governors are elected or appointed for four years and serve on one or more committees to carry out their various duties.

Please find below the details of our school governors over the last 12 months (governors who are not currently in post are shown in itallics):


Appointing Body

Term of office


Rev’d David Munchin (Chair) Ex Officio – Rector N/A Personnel
Mrs Mary Westley Ex Officio – Head N/A Admissions, Finance, Fabric, P&D, Personnel
Ms Sheila Anstey Co-opted (Staff, Teaching) 29/08/15 – 28/08/19 P&D, Personnel
Mr Ben Ashman Staff 10/10/18 – 09/10/19 P&D, Fabric
Prof. Paul Castle Parent 13/3/19 – 12/3/23 Fabric, Finance
Mrs Debbie Coupland (Vice-chair) Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 29/3/17 – 28/3/21 Admissions (chair), Personnel
Mrs Mary Gregory Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 19/9/16 – 18/9/20
Dr Julie Long Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 19/9/16 – 22/4/19 Finance
Mr Chris Lund Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 20/3/19 – 19/3/23    P&D
Mrs Irene Mackie Foundation (St Albans DBE) 7/11/17 – 8/11/21 P&D, Personnel
Mr Bill Morris Foundation (St Albans DBE) N/A Fabric, P&D, Personnel
Mrs Elizabeth Venkatesham Parent 2/5/18 – 1/5/22 Fabric, Finance
Mrs Evelyne Welch Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 1/9/14 – 31/8/19
Mr Will Westwick Local Authority 13/7/15 – 12/7/19 Fabric
Mr Robin Whitten Foundation (St Mary’s PCC) 1/11/18 – 31/10/22 Finance
Mrs Annie Ragless (Clerk) Governing Body   N/A Finance (Assoc.)

Associate Members

All members of the Senior Leadership team are members of the Performance and Development Committee, and are invited to attend full governing body meetings as Associate Members.  During the last 12 months, Associate Members have been:
Ben Ashman (prior to being appointed as staff governor), Sam Branch, Emma Harrison, Emma Phillips, Diane Reason, Helen Southall.

In addition, Cheryl Sivell (Office Manager) is an Associate Member of the Admissions Committee.
Annie Ragless (Finance Officer) is an Associate Member of the Finance Committee.
Val Smith (former parent governor) is an Associate Member, and Chair, of the Finance Committee.
Phil Stockton (Site Manager) is an Associate Member of the Fabric Committee.

No Associate Members have voting rights.


    1. In compliance with the Government direction, the School’s Instrument of Government provides for one staff governor.  The Governing Body consider that their collective skill set is enhanced by the inclusion of a further member of staff and have agreed that such a person should be co-opted to the Governing Body.  The member of staff holding the Staff Governor vacancy will be appointed via an election of all staff; should that person be a member of the teaching staff, then the co-opted person will be a member of the non-teaching staff (and vice versa) also appointed by an election by all staff.

Register of Interests

In accordance with legislation, the following table records the register of interests of governors (covering relevant business interests, details of any other educational establishments they govern and any relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives), which may conflict with the individual’s duties and authority







Sheila Anstey None None None Married to a member of the Teaching staff None
Ben Ashman None None None None None
Paul Castle None None Child at school None None
Debbie Coupland None None None None None
Mary Gregory None None None None None
Irene Mackie None None None None None
William Morris None Is carrying out installation work for the school – CCTV, security doors. Lock-down siren.  To be invoiced on completion Welwyn Parish Councillor

STEM Ambassador

None Director of the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust (to May 2018)
Rev David Munchin None None None None Governor at St Michael’s JMI School Woolmer Green
Elizabeth Venkatesham None None None Parent of child at school Governor at Tenterfield Nursery
Evelyne Welch None None None None None
Mary   Westley None None None Daughter runs Hertford Gymnastics (lunchtime club) None
William Westwick None None None Parent of children at school None
Robin Whitten None None None None None
Annie Ragless (Clerk) None None None Parent of children at school None