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Science education at Welwyn St Mary’s is an investigative activity about the physical and biological world. Children will develop skills in observing, predicting, hypothesising, recording and drawing conclusions.  We encourage them to work systematically as scientists through planning, experimenting and evaluating their own investigations.

The science curriculum covers:

  • the variety and processes of life and living things
  • materials and their properties
  • forces and energy
  • electricity and magnetism
  • light and sound
  • the earth, atmosphere and space

Pupils learn science as far as possible through practical work which ranges from cooking to learning how electricity travels through a circuit and to recording the pattern of weather and seasons.   Working in this way needs co-operation, perseverance and careful thought.   Our own nature reserve with its ponds and range of plants and wildlife is a wonderful resource for the study of living things and the children love exploring and learning there.