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Personal, Social and Health Education

Our framework for Personal, Social and Health Education (P.S.H.E.) reflects the school ethos and demonstrates and encourages the following moral values:

  • respect for self
  • respect for others
  • responsibility for our own actions
  • responsibility for our family, friends, school and wider community

Regular class discussion – circle time – enables us to articulate and reinforce these values and what is important to us.  We wish to foster self-awareness, responsibility, self control and co-operation based on respect for the feelings of others.

Sex education at Welwyn St Mary’s is a term used for all the learning we need in order to gain understanding of our own bodies, instincts and feelings in order to be prepared for the responsibilities and joys of permanent relationships in the future.  As a church school, we believe that sex education should be presented within a framework that embraces Christian values, love, faithfulness and forgiveness.

Sex education is taught through the science curriculum studies of the human body.  Teachers deal sensitively with children’s questions as they occur at anytime, answering them as fully as possible but with consideration to the children’s level of understanding.  In year 5, a specific programme of lessons is planned to link with a video teaching about sex in a family context.  Parents are informed and may withdraw their child from sex education lessons which are not part of the science curriculum.