Cycling show and tell

Calum, a keen cyclist from year 4, brought his bike to school.  It was very interesting to see Calum’s bike and the equipment required to keep safe on the roads.  Our Rector and Chair of Governors Revd David, along with his well travelled bicycle, joined Calum for the show and tell.

“When I did my show and tell, I said that I did 22.5 miles on a bike ride and I explained how it was and what route I took.  I showed my bike to the class and my safety equipment.  I felt happy and glad that I could show the class my talent and explain to them my passion for bike riding.  Also we had a special visitor called Rev David and he showed his amazing bike which was made of carbon fibre and he showed us his safety equipment.  He explained his bike ride to Rome and it was very exciting to see him with all his bike gear.”

Calum Year 4