On Thursday 25th September, our year 6 children competed in an archery competition on our school playing field.  The children started with a few practice rounds and then had 9 arrows to score the highest possible score out of 90.



The top 3 girls in HT6 were: Hermione with 69, Annelise with 68 and Bella with 62.  The top 3 girls in P6 were: Jess with 78, Poppy J with 70 and Saina with 70.

The top 3 boys of HT6 were: Aaryan with 71, Milo with 67 and Khian with 65.  The top 3 scores of P6 were: Brendan with 83, Riley with 74 and Albert with 67.

The children will now have a qualifying session to finalise our top archers.  They will then enter a virtual competition where our scores will be submitted against other schools in the local area.  Once again, many thanks to Stuart Williams for running the session on a very windy day!