Admissions Consultation 2023/24

Admissions Consultation for 2023/24

 Every school which is its own admission authority must consult with stakeholders regarding its admissions policy.  Welwyn St Mary’s is proposing to make some alterations to its admission policy for 2023/24 (which will apply to children anticipating starting school in September 2023 and subsequently).  The changes are:

  • Clarification of the school’s process
  • Clarifications to the wording
  • Additions to definitions to align with the Local Authority

The consultation process is open to any person and in particular, parents or carers of children who are considering sending their child to this school.  They may wish to read the proposed policy and view the catchment area map, list of roads within that area and the Supplementary Information Form for 2023/24 and make comments.

All the documents are available from this website – please visit the “Admissions” page under the “Our school” menu.  If you are unable to access the web site, or require paper versions, please enquire at the School Office (15 London Road, AL6 9DJ, or telephone 01438 714169).

Comments should be returned either by post to the Office Manager at the school or by e-mail to  Comments must be received by the school by 12th December 2021, the closing date of the consultation process.