Year 4 Maths Challenge 2017

On Tuesday 25th of April the Year 4 Maths Challenge team went to Aldwickbury school. The team was Emma, Elizabeth, Luke and Thomas. We were separated into two teams. Team 1 was Luke and Thomas.Team 2 was Emma and Elizabeth.

We started strongly in a game called Dicey, Dicey which had a 20 second time limit to do each task.

Next, we played a game called What’s Next? We had to find the next number in a sequence. We were really good at this.

After that, we had to make 24 with 4 different numbers. We could use +, -,x or division in between the numbers. It was difficult, but we did it.

There were 3 different challenges waiting for us. One was called Vegetable Alphabet, the next was Tanagrams and the last was Sudokus.

There was a multiple choice question challenge, at which we were brilliant!

We waited for our scores. Team 2 came 4th in their group. Team 1 came 5th in their group. Luke and Thomas had 3 more points than Emma and Elizabeth, but they all did extremely well.

We would like to thank the parents for taking us and Mrs Redgers for cheering us on.