Sport at Welwyn St Mary’s

At Welwyn St. Mary’s P.E. is recognised as an important part of healthy living, as an opportunity to participate in and learn from competition and as a means for fun and enjoyment. We aim to provide opportunities for all abilities and interests.
The recent government funding for PE in primary school has enabled us to buy into the Welwyn Schools’ Sports’ partnership.  This has given us access to a range of opportunities including: competitions, festivals, whole class events and specialist training in many sports.  We have also been able to employ a sports apprentice to greatly enhance our P.E. provision and aid the development of our extra-curricular activities both in school and as part of the partnership.

Sports Leaders 2017 to 2018


Welwyn St Mary’s Sports Gallery

Fixtures & Results

At St Mary’s we participate in numerous fixtures in various sporting activities throughout the school year.
We are very proud of the results we achieve:

Recent Sport Events