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Admissions Consultation

For the Admission Year 2021/22, it will have been 7 years since we last consulted and under the School Admission Code, we must consult on our arrangements at least once every 7 years if there have been no changes during that period. We have taken the opportunity to make some parts of the policy’s wording clearer.

The policy about which we are consulting will apply for 2021/22. We are using Herts County Council’s admission consultation process, but as our own admission authority, we are also required to consult with: a) Parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen b) Other persons in the relevant area who in our opinion, have an interest in the proposed arrangements.

Accordingly, we invite you to read the draft policy for 2021/22 on our website and send any comments to the school, either by post to our Office Manager, Mrs Cheryl Sivell, at the address above or by e-mail to Comments should be received at the school by 31st January 2020.