Joint Annual Review Visit

Joint Annual Review Visit (JARV) by the local authority
We are delighted that our Hertfordshire Improvement Partner has kept us as outstanding in all areas after her all day visit on 27th March. She praised our pupils very positive attitudes to learning and the high standard of displays of pupils’ work around our school. Achievement across the school and in all areas of the
curriculum was judged to be high.

“Leadership and management are outstanding. Within the school leaders and governors have created a culture that enables staff and pupils to excel…Leaders at all levels articulate their detailed knowledge about pupils. They demonstrate their desire for pupils, no matter their background or circumstance, to achieve to the best of their ability. Provision is rich and varied and prepares pupils extremely well for the next stage of their education. The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding. At this visit, the learning walk observed all pupils were on task and engaged in purposeful learning opportunities whether this was with a teacher, teaching assistant or volunteer…Pupils display excellent attitudes to learning and they are proud of their achievements. The curriculum, including its very broad range of extra-curricular activities ensure pupils’ learning experiences are rich…Behaviour in and around school is consistently exemplary.”

Well done to all our pupils, staff, volunteers and governors.