Golden Book – w.b.8.7.19

Golden Book
Isla MJ5
For beautiful behaviour in assembly.
Zach CD1
For highly creative writing and for writing so much.
Andrew HT6
For being respectful to our school environment.
Maisie CD1
Evelyn MS3
Imogen P6
For raising over £125 for Royal Brompton hospital
through their cake sale.
India GB3
For a beautiful mosaic of one of our values. Thank
Teddy AT2
Alfie MN2

For collecting thrown away plastic out of school. Well
Rosie MR
For a lovely poster about being kind to everyone.
Riley J O4
Charlie D
For both being awarded ‘Players’ Player’ at Welwyn
Pegasus. A real honour. Well done.
James HT6
Charlie HT6
For a beautifully created book about Welwyn St
Mary’s with excellent photographs and captions. Very
well done indeed.
Scott MN2
For sitting beautifully and encouraging the acts in
the Talent Show. Well done and thank you.
Hollie F. GB3
For amazing independent writing. Well done Hollie.
Isabelle MR

For always trying her very best and working hard.
Her writing has improved so much recently. Well
Mehkai MR
For super reading at home and in school and so
moving up a level. Well done.
Leah MR
For amazing coin recognition.
Brandon HT6
For super progress in maths.
Esther MJ5
Caitlin A5
Louise A5
Sean A5
For full marks in all spelling tests this term.

Felix MJ5
Ronnie MJ5
Ellie MJ5
Chloe MJ5
Marley MJ5
Jasmine MJ5
Roxy MJ5

For excellent Viking projects.

Arthur MJ5
Alasdair MJ5
Lucy MJ5
For excellent contributions towards class discussions.

Lucy MJ5
Jasmine MJ5
Alasdair MJ5
Arthur MJ5
For excellent reading in assembly using the correct
pace and punctuation to give meaning. Well done.

Gracie P6
For excellent independent research on ballet.
Grace P6
Oliver P6
Jacob P6
For outstanding pop art. Well done.