Golden Book – w.b.7.1.2019

Josh A4
For continued golfing success and retaining his champion’s trophy for the second year in succession. Well done.

Olivier M1
Zach M1
For helping in the dining room without being asked to do so. Thank you boys.

Emilia RR
Isla RR
Scarlett RR
Sebby RR
For following all their class rules beautifully. Well done.

Louie P6
Charlie P6
Christina P6
Imogen P6
Sophie P6
For excellent history research on World War 2, finding key facts and putting them in their own words. Well done.

Liahna CD1
For a beautiful poem about a magic horse.

Bethany MS3
Poppy MS3For such thoughtful prayers about courage. Well done girls.

Han O4
For excellent manners around school.

Alana M1
For being super helpful in the dining room. Thank you.

James HT6
Callum P6
For excellent 3d maths models made from nets. Well done.