Golden Book – w.b.4.2.19

Eva CD1
For a beautiful poster showing God’s love and how we should live together peacefully.

Anaiah GB3
For getting her first choir medal in church. Well done.

Jamie MN2
Om MN2
For and amazing piece of writing using his own ideas and excellent vocabulary.

Sally-Mae P6
A really intricate silhouette of a London sky line. Well done.

Elsie AT2
For super story writing and illustrating a t school and at home.

Emily GB3
For extremely thoughtful writing. Such lovely ideas.

Teddy CD1
For super progress in his writing.

Filip MS3
For an amazingly detailed picture of a Chinese dragon ready for the Chinese new year.

Eva CD1
For super writing and planning.

Riley CD1
Ethan CD1
Dulcie CD1
Douglas CD1
For amazing progress with their hand writing.

Levi MS3
For outstanding progress and commitment in his maths.

Darcey MN2
Kye MN2
Om MN2
For excellent descriptive writing about the Great Fire of London.

Alfie GB3
For really thoughtful work on courage and what it meant to him.

Hollie GB3
Tymon GB3
For very good progress in writing. Well done.

Charlie HT6
For helping around school without being asked. Thank you.

Toby MS3
For an amazing entry for the BBC 500 word competition. Well done and good luck.

Oscar A5
For excellent progress in maths.

Leah O4
For having courage and talent singing and playing beautifully to the whole school.