Golden book – w.b.30.9.19

Leah C AB5

For super participation in French.

Levi O4

For a very well written and amusing diary of a degu.

Callum LR

Finley LR

For excellent independent writing. Well done.

Aaryan MJ5

Ahrin MJ5

Anna MJ5

Katie MJ5

Josh K MJ5

Hermione MJ5

James Cox MJ5

Ruby MJ5

Manuka MJ5

Willow MJ5

Laurie MJ5

Nia A4

Ollie MS3

For excellent reading records. So complete and showing a great deal of reading at and at school. Well done.

Jess AB5

Ria AB5

Isobel AB5

For raising over £230 for ‘Up on Downs’. Well done girls.

Noah MN2

Lottie MN2

Ophelia MN2

For super science work.

Eashaan AT2

Camilla CD1

For an excellent story using great description and very good punctuation.

Tami CD1

For very good addition and doubling in maths.

Marley HT6

Luca P6

Jamie P6

For improving their timed mile times. Well done boys. You are good role models as we should all run everyday.