Golden Book – w.b.3.6.19

Elisa AT2
For being so helpful around school. Thank you.

Luke O4
For excellent manners.

Grace GB3
For great progress in literacy.

Lottie M1
For excellent joined handwriting.

Alasdair MJ5
Charlie MJ5
For showing true friendship and help for other people.

Arthur MJ5
Alfie MJ5
James O4
For running the sound system brilliantly while Year 6 were away. Thank you.

Jai MJ5
Harry MJ5
Isla MJ5
Chloe MJ5
Adam A5
For excellent Yellow Banding when Year 6 were at PGL. Lovely to see.

Emma P HT6
For an excellent attitude at PGL.

Levi MS3
For making outstanding progress in his reading.