Golden Book – w.b.3.12.2018

Sam MR
For recognising the values of all the coins.

Ashton MR
For knowing there are 200 pennies in £2.00.

Max MR
For taking extra care on his writing.

Audrey MR
For beautiful writing and colouring.

Daniel A5
For excellent progress in maths.

Alana M1
Zach M1
For tidying our dining room. Thank you children.

Jamie A5
Oscar A5
Luca A5
Stanley A5
For excellent questions and observations in RE.

Daniyal HT6
Harry P6
Luke P6
Maria P6
For excellent Suffragette stories with interesting word choices and really effective editing and improving. Well done.

Amii GB3
For outstanding behaviour all the time.

Trent HT6
For outstanding progress in literacy. Very well done indeed.

Sally HT6
Emma HT6
Elizabeth HT6
Christopher P6
Luke P6
Arvin P6
Ben P6
Oliver P6
Thomas P6
Stanley HT6
Hugo P6
For getting almost full marks in a maths practice paper. Very well done indeed.

Edward RR
Maisie RR
Mollie RR
Nicole RR
Penelope RR
For following all of their class rules.

Sean A4
For being super helpful around school. Thank you.

Imogen GB3
For listening in literacy and taking new ideas to make her work even better. Well done.

Reece GB3
For an excellent show and tell on Ypres. So interesting. Thank you.