Golden Book – w.b.29.4.2019

Max MS3
For an excellent paragraph to open his story. Well done.

Om MN2
Rafi MN2
For amazing cloakroom tidying.

Alfie MJ5
Adam A5
For helping around school without being asked. Thank you boys.

Sam MR
For amazing facts about frogs.

Teddy MR
For doing so well with his reading and moving up a level.

Bertie MR
For lovely manners, especially at lunchtime.

Laura GB3
For excellent writing and continuing the adventure story very well.

Laura GB3
For super holiday work including reading 11 books independently and completing the egg challenge.

Jahzara A5
Sophie A5
Ashleigh A5
For making an excellent poster about saving our planet and especially about the dangers of plastics in the environment.

Albert O4
For excellent writing about the history of our school.

Hermione A4
Far very successful quest story and excellent use of paragraphs.

Luca GB3
Ellie MS3
Josie A5
Ella-Mae A4
For playing so well and fairly showing real friendship. Well done. Lovely to see.

Felix CD1
For a beautiful and thoughtful picture about his idea of heaven.