Golden Book w.b.28.1.19

Luca GB3
For beautiful joined up handwriting and making such an improvement in one term. Well done.

Noah GB3
For an excellent memory and knowing so many amazing facts and using such great vocabulary.

Luca GB3
Excellent writing about Jason and the Golden Fleece.

Luca GB3
For super work in science and being super helpful too.

Magnus HT6
Summer HT6
Veda P6
For outstanding work in maths with long division. Very well done indeed.

Holi P6
For excellent work in long division. Well done.

Manuka A4
For amazing work in PSHE on Hopes and Dreams. He followed all instructions and then added more.

Sophie P6
For being a fantastic role model and always willing to share excellent advice and support to the younger children. Thank you Sophie.

Morgan GB3
For an outstanding attitude to school and consistently excellent work. Well done.

Bethany CD1
Super sentences with capital letters and full stops. Well done.

Eashaan M1
Isabelle M1
For superb writing of Jack and the Beanstalk showing excellent listening and super sentences. Well done.

Jack MJ5
Charlie MJ5
Robyn A5
Zoe MJ5
Holly MJ5
For excellent behaviour around school even though we had a change of routine. Well done. Great role models.

Corey AT2
For writing, illustrating and making an amazing adventure book. Well done.

Nathan P6
For an extremely thoughtful RE drawing using symbolism to show God’s love for the world and how everyone is equally important.

Ahrin A4
For excellent PSHE work putting huge thought into the task and beyond.

Archie P6
For an extremely high score in his reading practice test. Very well done indeed.

Layton MR
For excellent behaviour around school.

May GB3
For an amazing poster on rocks and soil made at home.

Eva CD1
For a beautiful poster showing God’s love and how we should live together peacefully.