Golden Book – w.b.25.3.19

Theo GB 3
For an excellent homework project on the Ancient Greeks. Well done.

Sophia AT2
For playing amazingly for her grade 1 piano exam.

Elisa AT2
For singing brilliantly in assembly and reading out our new poem clearly and confidently.

Gracie AT2
For beautiful sitting and singing in assembly.

Henry GB3
Teddy GB3
For learning their presentations by heart. Well done.

Sally HT6
Emma G HT6
Elizabeth HT6
Harry HT6
For excellent participation in French this term.

Trent HT6
Lilly HT6
Ruby HT6
For very good French translations.

Leo MS3
Troy MS3
Filip MS3
Therese MS3
Maja MS3
For raising and amazing £95 for Tanzania with their cake sale. Well done children for being kind and generous.

Isabelle M1
For helping in the dining room without being asked to do so. Thank you and well done.

Olivia GB3
For excellent progress in maths. Well done.

Ella-Mae A4
For a beautiful prayer on forgiveness.

Yarden M1
Ella M1
For excellent number sentences using money.

Izzy CD1
Freddie CD1
Matthew CD1
Dulcie CD1
For excellent writing showing great listening too.

Bella A4
For speedy and accurate early morning work. Well done.

Louise A5
Amelia A5
Oscar A5
For an excellent banner on forgiveness.

Zach CD1
For recording so much information in RE including outstanding work over the last two weeks.

Tegan P6
For a beautifully written prayer on forgiveness with such a good message.