Golden Book – w.b.18.03.19

Samuel A4
For an excellent piece of writing giving clear and interesting descriptions. Well done.

Louise A5
Lucy MJ5
For coming second out of 43 schools in the Year 5 maths challenge. Very well done girls.

Arthur O4
For good manners and reliability around school.

James HT6
For excellent calculations on angles.

Charlie HT6
For an amazing score in his times table grid.

Henry GB3
Luca GB3
Alfie GB3
Teddy GB3
For re-telling the story of Palm Sunday as a character who was there.

Archie P6
For persevering with his algebra and getting 100% on day 2! Well done.

Eliza O4
For being really proactive and helping organise the toy boxes for the Tanzanian appeal.

Noah M1
For excellent recount writing about. Well done.

Kitty CD1
Dulcie CD1
For helping to tidy in the dining room without being asked. Thank you.