Golden Book – w.b.17.12.2018

Sophia AT2
For fantastic art work and using colour and pattern beautifully. Well done.

Erin P6
For excellent work as a Yellow Bander. Thank you.

Hugo P6
For calculating how many lines would be needed for a mystic rose with 100 points. Well done.

May GB3
For making a beautiful poster about compassion in her own time in Golden Time. Thank you.

Martha MN2
William MN2
Jamie MN2
Maisy MN2
For working really hard at re-telling a traditional story and increasing the amount they are writing using terrific story language. Well done.

Teddy GB3
For improving his handwriting and his story writing. Well done.

Grace GB3
Holly MS3
For being kind at lunchtime and making lovely conversation. Thank you girls.

Emma HT6
For an amazing dance performance at Hertford theatre. Very well done indeed.

Lucy MJ5
For getting a distinction in her Associated Board grade 2 tuba exam. Very well done.

Scott HT6
Kenzie HT6
For being so helpful in getting church ready for our carol service. Thank you boys.

Tegan P6
For going the extra mile as a Yellow Bander. Thank you very much Tegan.

Ruby HT6
For excellent behaviour and helpfulness in the Year 5 and 6 carol service.

Ellie MJ5
Millie MJ5
Marley MJ5
Arthur MJ5
Jai MJ5
Chloe MJ5
Isla MJ5
Holly MJ5
For acting, reading and singing so well in the Year 5 and 6 carol service.

Thomas MJ5
For 100% in spelling tests this term. Well done.

Maya P6
Sally HT6
For their amazing Angels’ Carol duet.