Golden Book – w.b.14.1.2019

Evie MS3
For designing our new badges for celebration assembly. They are so good. Well done Evie.

Charlie S. RR
Charlie W. RR
Tamilure RR
Toby MR
Charlotte MR
For following all of their classroom rules so well.

Archie MR
For always being cheerful and trying his best.

Neave MR
For always being helpful in class.

Elizabeth HT6
Solveig HT6
Sally HT6
For outstanding work in RE outlining the qualities needed for a messiah. Very impressive girls.

Andrew HT6
For excellent work in maths having persevered and improved his understanding hugely. Well done.

Antoni A5
For excellent progress in his times tables. Well done.

Zach A5
For great improvement in his maths. Excellent.

Ophelia CD1
For a clever idea for a story with excellent spelling and punctuation. Well done.