Golden Book – w.b.10.12.18

Sally HT6
Maya P6
For learning all the words and music for the choir Christmas repertoire in double quick time. Well done.

Callum P6
For excellent science work beautifully presented and with very good content.

Levi MS3
For beating the maths challenge by miles, including a shape with 77 right angles when they started by making a shape with just 2.

Thomas P6
Alice P6
Holi P6
Veda P6
Nathan P6
Stanley HT6
Sally HT6
Christopher HT6
James HT6
Emma HT6
For excellent participation in French this term.

Riley GB3
For writing such a compassionate letter. Well done and thank you.

Josh HT6
Callum P6
For amazing work with co-ordinates and beating the challenge.

Sally HT6
Charlie P6
Max P6
For amazing mystic rose maths work. They were able to calculate how many lines would be needed for a rose with a hundred points. Well done.

Zach A5
Sean A5
Piers A5
Marley MJ5
For bringing the milk in to school without being asked to do so. Thank you boys. Much appreciated.

Faris MR
For sounding out in his reading and writing.

Elsie MR
For being super independent this week. Well done.

Jack MR
For knowing the flags of so many different countries. Amazing.

Maya P6
For singing to the Queen of Denmark in the Dorchester hotel.

Imogen P6
For exceptional work as a Yellow Bander showing initiative and great common sense. Thank you.